Saturday, 6 October 2012

Selenium - Create CONFIG file and read it (java)

One of the challenges we face while creating test suite is to put common settings into a file and read it from code as and when neccessary. I did struggle a bit so thought sharing this might help any one who encounters similar problem.


1) Create a file say in ur src folder or create a new package config and put a file called
2) From the file where you want to read create a varaiable like

static Properties CONFIG = new Properties();
3) Then load the content into it from the file you have created

FileInputStream fn = new
FileInputStream("path to project"+ \\src\\configure\\;


4) Put a value into file which has to be read 

5) To read value from file
Some more system properties can be read from system as well
ex: System.getproperty("user.dir") for project

Wil share a sample code some time later but the above steps should help.

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