Thursday, 22 September 2016

2) Migration IOS Appium tests from UIAutomation to XCUITest

Most of the Elements have changed after Instruments have moved form UIAutomation to XCUITest
Hence all references using classnames and xpaths in Appium Automation must be updated to run from Appium 1.6.0 onwards
at the moment its in beta
Look at installation procedure here -

Table elements

Table / Row
UIATableview -> XCUIElementTypeTable
UItableviewcell -> XCUIElementTypeCell

Choose row 1 in a table using xpath- 

XCUItest iOS from UIAutomation to XCUItestUIAButton changes into  XCUIElementTypeButton
UIA***    --> XCUIElementType***
UIAStaticText -> XCUIElementTypeStaticText
UIATableView -> XCUIElementTypeTable
UIANavigationBar -> XCUIElementTypeNavigationBar


"UIABUtton" is replaced by "XCUIElementTypeButton"

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