Monday, 6 May 2013

Calabash-IOS helping tester to setup project - Not a guide for devs

This is a like a quick guide to help tester setup certificate and IOS project for calabash-ios

1) Create apple developer account then add your account to your company list for that you may need invitation from one of other team members who are already in that group

2) Go to and log in with user name & pwd
  • Go to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles
  • under Certificates, download certificate for ur name
  • Double click on and add it login key chain
3) Configuring IOS device
  • Connect device
  • Go to xcode -> window > organizer 
  • select device -> click on add portal
Now you device must be all set to be used for current project
Error & Solution:
to use dev certificate that was present on old machine on new machine export p12 certificate from previous machine and then use it here
This link will help in doing that -

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