Thursday, 9 May 2013

Calabash-IOS: Tips to search elements in View and webview

Calabash supports identification of view both using xpath & CSS

Its confirmed in in here!msg/calabash-ios/nubfmY-6jbM/aSoYtW9mT8cJ

But this information is missing in wiki page

Usage :

Using CSS to identify elements : query("webView css:'#header'")
for xpath identification replace css by xpath and specify the path.

In Calabash-IOS there is no way to get source of HTML page, Getting elements from page

can be bit tricky, There are several possibilities to get past this 

check my video on this

And also check below video


1) Use query("webView css:'*'") to get all associated elements on page then search for text you are looking at.
Index of results returned from query can be used to identify elements

res=query("webView css:'*'")
res[12] - could be the element you may want to verify

2) To verify if object is shown on screen .empty? can be very handy
 res=query("view text:'SomeText'").empty? # res is false if element is present
 use begin rescue block (in Ruby) to catch these exceptions and handle them

3) use regular expression 
query("view {text LIKE '*hello*'} ")

4) Using variables in search
query("view {text LIKE '*#{text_to_check}*'} ") 

5) Looping up and down until text found

    #check text found and click
    #if there was any exception reported


wait_poll(:until_exists => "label text:'Cell 22'", :timeout => 20) do
  scroll("tableView", :down)
6)For converting case use upcase function

7) to check first & last result of array
arr=query("view {text LIKE '*#{text_to_check}*'} ")

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